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As the world continues to bridge distance with technology, students are increasingly aware of the need to gain an international education. Many employers are now looking for students with an international background — an advantage students gain when they study abroad.

From about 270,000 last year, the number of US students studying abroad is projected to grow to 1 million by 2017. But it's not easy to finance an international education—for US students who plan to study abroad, travel costs and exchange rates increase the normal burden of tuition, fees and living expenses.

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To help, we can provide you with study abroad loans, short term loans, semester abroad loans and foreign enrolled loans for students who are fully enrolled in a school overseas. For international students studying in the USA, we also provide international student loans to help fund your education in the US. Each of our low-hassle loan programs offer competitive interest rates, no application fees, as well as fast and easy loan application and processing.

No matter if you are a US student abroad or an international student in the US, use our loan comparison tool (above) to find and compare lenders today! To do so, simply chose your citizenship, state and school to be matched with lenders. You'll be able to compare each terms and conditions, and then chose the one that's right for you. Within a few short weeks, you'll be notified about your initial approval.

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